About Us

In today's complex world of mechanical Engineering & Design, the demand for Customized Exhaust units is strong. At SKYPLUME Technologies, we welcome the challenge of meeting job-by job design anomalies on the Engineering Side. Our ability to innovate and integrate has been proven time after time and is reflective of our 40 Years of experience.

Why Choose SKYPLUME Technologies

  • Proven experience in quality and testing
  • Material selection that provides rust proof protection with a lifetime warranty against failure due to rust
  • Products meet site standards such as AMCA 210-300-260 and delivered to site with AMCA Seal
  • Design and fabricate the highest (Momentum) exit conditions that provides optimum protection against toxic exhaust re-entrainment back into the building
  • Provides the greatest Momentum for the least amount of Electrical Energy
  • SKYPLUME stack Geometry provides consistent positive flow the exit wind band area with or without weather conditions.

Our Mission:

To be peerless in manufacturing, developing technology and providing unparalleled excellence in customer service for Air Pollution Control Solutions. Our newly patented innovations are playing major roles and setting higher standards in the industry we represent. Plasticair's disposition has always been progressive and will continue to be into the twenty-first Century.