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Induced Flow Centrifugal Exhaust Fan, Airfoil


SKYPLUME G1-ELLV-SC (Extended Lobe) Fans incorporate a single-width centrifugal unit, conclusive with Low velocity nozzle design and integral windband to maximize dilution ratios. SKYPLUME Technologies has achieved certified induction ratios between 130%-160%. This patented and improved design maximizes plume height and dilution versus horsepower.

Standard versions of the SKYPLUME G1-EL fans are offered by SKYPLUME Technologies which are categorized as SKYPLUME G1-ELLV-SC, and meet ANSI Z9.5 requirements..
Both belt and direct drive units are available in three (3) arrangements. Our construction is a hybrid of UV stable FRP. Steel or Aluminum parts are coated with high baked epoxy or heresite - VR500, which provides excellent corrosion resistance in mild to medium corrosive environments.

Available Arrangements

• Arrangement 9 – V-belt drive sets – 1.5 S.F.
• Arrangement 8 – Drive coupling
• Arrangement 4 – Direct couple

Performance & Available Sizes

130% to 160% Inducation Rates

Eleven Sizes From 24 to 66

Volume up to 123,100 CFM (58,097 L/S) Per Fan

Static Pressures up to 17" W.G (4230 Pa)

Class I | Class II | Class III